Certifications:  NIC   Years of Experience:  9   Position at PSLI:  Certified Freelance Interpreter    Random Fact:  I play piano, guitar and flute.

Certifications: NIC

Years of Experience: 9

Position at PSLI: Certified Freelance Interpreter

Random Fact: I play piano, guitar and flute.

Beth Kolanowski

Beth’s career as an NIC and A:EI certified interpreter launched from receiving her BS in Deaf Education at none other than RID's founding grounds: Ball State University. After graduating and pursuing life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, she attended FRCC to earn her AAS Degree in Interpreter Preparation. Following her internship with PSLI Beth was a staff interpreter and now is a freelancer at PSLI.  Her commitment to PSLI is rooted in PSLI’s integrity to the community we serve through providing highly qualified and appropriately matched services. 

While she enjoys the opportunities and varieties presented as a freelancer, the flexible schedule allows her to pursue her other passion: the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  When not interpreting, she is on the mat coaching, training, competing, and empowering women in the sport of BJJ.  She also can be found making the most of the sunshine and all the Rockies have to offer with her best, four-legged friend at her side.