Certifications:  CI, CT, SC:L   Years of Experience:  17   Position at PSLI:  Certified Freelance Interpreter   Random Fact:  Loves food!

Certifications: CI, CT, SC:L

Years of Experience: 17

Position at PSLI: Certified Freelance Interpreter

Random Fact: Loves food!

Christine Pendley

Christine is a Freelance Interpreter for PSLI, Inc. She is the mother of four children; two deaf, two hearing. It was her desire to learn sign language for her children that lead her to attend Madonna University and graduate with her BA in Sign Language Interpreting in 2000. She feels the deaf community is a part of her family and is grateful for what she has learned from them. She holds her Certificate of Interpreting (CI), Certificate of Transliterating (CT), and her Specialist Certificate: Legal (SC:L).

Christine has served on the Rocky Mountain Deaf School Board and on the Legal Auxiliary Services Advisory Council under CCDHH. She currently serves on the CCDHH board as the Parent Representative.