Educational situations

  • K-12
  • Post-secondary
  • Higher Education including Masters and PhD level classes

The provision of sign language interpreters has been required since the passage of such laws as Public Law 94-142 that established the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, as well as the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).  Educational interpreters are members of the education team, facilitating communication between the students, teachers, administration, peers and other service providers.  

The state of Colorado requires educational interpreters to hold an Authorization: Educational Interpreter license, and also fingerprints and checks backgrounds of those individuals who provide service in the K-12 environment.  PSLI, Inc. has qualified educational interpreters ready to go to schools as needed. 

PSLI, Inc. also provides interpreters for people in the post-secondary college and university settings. These interpreters must have a wide range of experience in different topics to meet the needs of each student.  This might include working closely with college professors or students, and getting the necessary materials and information beforehand to better prepare for the course.