Certifications:  NIC, A:EI   Years of Experience:  15    Position at PSLI:  Certified Freelance Interpreter    Random Fact:  I used to be a ski bum.

Certifications: NIC, A:EI

Years of Experience: 15 

Position at PSLI: Certified Freelance Interpreter

Random Fact: I used to be a ski bum.

Megan Wernig

Megan works as a Freelance Interpreter for PSLI, Inc.  She grew up in Littleton, Colorado and graduated from the Interpreter Preparation Program at Front Range Community College in 2003.  She holds an NIC certification from RID as well as the Colorado A:EI educational interpreter authorization. Megan worked as an educational interpreter in the K-12 setting for 12 years before she joined the wonderful team at PSLI, Inc!