Certifications:  CI/CT, Legal Authorization   Years of Experience:  22   Position at PSLI:  Certified Freelance Interpreter    Random Fact:   I'm a 80s hair band junkie.

Certifications: CI/CT, Legal Authorization

Years of Experience: 22

Position at PSLI: Certified Freelance Interpreter

Random Fact: I'm a 80s hair band junkie.

Melinda (Mindi) Hess

I've been interpreting professionally for 22 years, holding the RID CI/CT and Legal authorization credential (LAC); in addition to a BA in Psychology from UNC.  I graduated in 1995 from FRCC, dove right into the world of community interpreting and never looked back!! I am extremely grateful to everyone along the way that has been a teacher, a leader, and support throughout my years and look forward to many more! I have 2 amazing miracles that keep me on my toes, but wouldn't have any other way.