• Family Counseling
  • Behavioral Health
  • Mental Health

Interpreting in mental health settings, like all healthcare related interpreting, requires a specific set of skills so the interpreter can navigate the broad spectrum of mental health environments. 

The mental health field can include psychiatric assessment and treatment, group and individual therapy, counseling, psychological testing, substance abuse treatment, group or peer-led activities like AA or self-help groups, emergency department evaluations, and more.  

Interpreters who work in these various settings must have knowledge of the diverse nature of the mental healthcare field, and it is recommended that interpreters have prior training and experience in this area before working with clients.  To perform effectively, the interpreter should work with the therapist or mental health professional, acting as a member of the healthcare team.  This includes being aware of the goals and processes of the clinician so the interpreter can align his/her conduct and decision-making. The presence of the interpreter alone impacts the therapy of the individual client, and as such, it should be recognized.  It is best if the clinician or therapist, along with the interpreter, works out strategies to best provide the client with the care he/she needs. 

PSLI, Inc. has provided interpreters for these various settings, and is ready to meet your interpreting needs for the mental health field.