Certifications:   CSC,   SC:L    Years of Experience:  46    Position at PSLI:   Owner   Random Fact:    I enjoy making soap

Certifications: CSC, SC:L

Years of Experience: 46 

Position at PSLI:  Owner

Random Fact:  I enjoy making soap

Norma Blanke

Norma W. Blanke is one of the owners of PSLI, Inc. She previously held both CSC and SC:L Certificates, but has retired from interpreting. Norma grew up in Arkansas. With a B.S.E. degree in Special Education, she taught at the VA School for the Deaf and Blind for 4 years before moving to Denver in 1971. Norma is focusing on her role as a PSLI, Inc. owner and enjoying the retired lifestyle after 45 years of interpreting professionally.