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Professional Sign Language Interpreting, Inc. (PSLI, Inc.) has been providing top notch interpreting services since its beginnings in January of 2001. Owned by three RID certified interpreters with 100 years of combined interpreting experience in the Deaf Community, PSLI, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive communication services in the most professional, efficient, and effective consumer-oriented manner possible. We have RID certified coordinators/schedulers and can match the needs of the Deaf community with the skills of the interpreting community. We work with the most skilled, certified interpreters in the Denver area. 

PSLI, Inc. is also committed to providing a meaningful and rewarding professional career for sign language interpreters. We provide liability and workers compensation insurance coverage for all interpreters as well as health and retirement benefits to staff.

Whether you’re seeking our services or interested in a career, we at PSLI, Inc. look forward to working with you!


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PSLI, Inc. has been rooted in the Denver Metro area since its beginnings. We pride ourselves in matching the particular needs of consumers with qualified skilled interpreters. 

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Professional Sign Language Interpreting, Inc. was chosen as one of the “Top Workplaces of 2012.”  – As conducted by the Denver Post and WorkplaceDynamics, the Top Workplaces report had Professional Sign Language Interpreting, Inc, (PSLI, Inc.) ranking 15th of small businesses.   This report collected feedback that included measurements on the “appreciation of workers, direction, confidence in leadership, values and ethics, encouragement of ideas, competence of management, as well as pay and benefits.”  PSLI, Inc. proudly maintains these high standards for itself and for its employees.

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The service we provide isn’t a tangible object, but rather, a communication connection between people.  We provide a human service – so please get to know the people who comprise the PSLI, Inc. team.

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Learn more important information about working with a sign language interpreter. Find out more about what to expect when you hire a PSLI, Inc. sign language interpreter and why preparation materials are important. Providing PSLI, Inc. with prep materials in advance creates an optimal communication experience for all parties.

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“PSLI is hands down the most amazing agency! In my 15+ years of working with interpreter referral agencies, PSLI is the best-in responsiveness, speed, and customer service. Love your request system, friendly staff and amazing scheduling and confirmation time frames.”
Shannon E. Smith, MBA/HRM
Director of Accessibility
Teltex, Inc.
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